10 rules for a killer content marketing Strategy! – by Grégory Nicolaidis

Are you engaging with social media or blogging in order to talk about your startup or your product?

Breaking news: you already have a content marketing strategy! While it may not be an official, documented strategy, you likely aren’t just producing content for content’s sake 😉

You maybe have content goals (if only vague ones), a loose publishing schedule and a general idea of the types of content you plan to publish.

During this 45 min. Workshop, Grégory Nicolaidis will share with you 10 tips to improve your content marketing strategy: how to engage your audience, how to build your reputation, how it can have an impact on your SEO, etc.

Grégory Nicolaidis is the founder of YouLoveWords.com, specialized in content production for brands. YouLoveWords gathers, on an innovative platform, 25,000 experts, journalists, storytellers, Instagramers, ready to guide brands on their content marketing strategy.

You can find slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/_TheFamily/10-rules-for-a-killer-content-marketing-strategy

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