How To Write Killer Content For Your Book in 30 Minutes

You can crank out 2,000-3,000 words of killer content for your book in 30 minutes by recording and transcribing topical interviews.

This tactic alone has cut down the time to write my second book by nearly 70%, creating 150+ page manuscript in less than 60 days.

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I’ve found that where many authors and aspiring best-sellers get stuck is the actual process of writing their book. I mean have you ever hit a wall, or lost momentum when you try to get those ideas out of your head, and onto paper?

In Video 1 we were talking about content frameworks and this useful tool for how you can create the super-structure of what will ultimately become your book. Today I am going to share with you how you can use ‘Rapid Content Creation’ even if you are not a writer per se.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for all authors and aspiring authors alike, so how do you get past that? So one of the first steps is to get a content framework to organize the structure for your book, (1:08)

The next step is to look at your content framework and think about in each of those steps (whether you are using the Acronym Method or the Multi-step process) what are the 2 or 3 aspects that somebody should know about each of those steps. That is ultimately going to result in you having a complete outline for your book. That outline is what we are going to use for this rapid content creation technique.

Let’s say you have your outline and a total of 15 chapters in the book. They way to chip away at each of these chapters is a process I call “Author Interviews” Take one chapter at a time and sit down with another author or friend of yours and have them interview you briefly on that topic. You can do on the phone, in person or via skype.

Have someone ask you 2 or 3 softball questions for each chapter. As an example one on of my own books I had a chapter on Content Framework, so If I were writing this new, I would get on the phone with an author friend, turn on the recorder and have them ask me a question like “Hey Jesse, How do you create content for your book?” Then I in turn just speak off the cuff and just talk about my process. Make sure it is recorded so that you have an audio documentation that you can use.

I have found that doing a 15-minute interview and getting that transcribed will result in about 2,000 to 3,000 words which equates to 7 – 10 pages on average. So if you think over the course of 10 -15 author interviews you are creating 150 – 175 pages of content for your book. Once you have an audio file then you upload that, hire a transcriptionist to transcribe it for you. You can establish a relationship with your transcriber where they will be able to bold headers and it becomes more like a collaboration.

Here is an easy template use to hire a transcriptionist:

Once you get back that which will be about 7 – 10 pages worth of content that if you have a good transcriptionist will be 70 – 80% complete. It is just a matter of (7:16) taking it over the finish line which involves perhaps getting an editor or doing some more writing on top of the transcriptions you have gotten back.

But what I want you to really understand is that you don’t have to type every single word in your book!! So hopefully, for those of you who has a book inside them that is waiting to come out, but haven’t taken the first step yet because you are overwhelmed with that blank page sitting in front of you!

By doing these ‘author interviews’ you are diving right into the core content that flows from the outline that you created and from there you can work your way out from the front to the back. What I mean by this is that the core of your content should be written first. The Introduction, Conclusion and the Prologue should be the last things written.

1. Create Your Content Framework (outline) using either the Acronym Method or the Step-by-Step Process
2. Take a chapter from your outline and do a 15-minute author interview.
3. Get it transcribed

And before you know it, over a course of a few weeks or a month you will have well over 100 pages for your new book. And that is much easier to take that and edit and write on top of that.

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