NEO ICO-NRVE Narrative ICO-Steemit Killer-Content Creators Awarded-Instagram/Twitter Watch Out!

Narrative NRVE is a social media network that rewards content creators, moderators, and everyone who positively influences the quality of content on the network, 85% of all revenue is distributed to users.

Narrative NRVE is currently an ICO off of the NEO Platform. As I have said in the past, I equate NEO to wealth building. Although NRVE Narrative will be used as a utility token, I do believe the platform itself will help generate another stream of income for anyone involved with the Narrative Platform. Therefore contributing to one’s wealth.

The leadership team is not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are on their Telegram page most of the time answering questions and sharing their wealth of knowledge.

Between the team leading the charge and the vision of how the platform is going to be used, as well as the plan they have going forward, leads me to jump into this project that I believe will create an added stream of income for everyone involved. Skys the limit!!!

In videos to come I will go over some vehicles I use to invest into the markets, cloud mining, times I have been scammed, vehicles that I have found to be a complete scam, ICO’s I have invested my crypto into. Specific invested coins, new investments, etc.

My goal is for you to see what works for me and what has not, so you can make an educated, objective decision on what you want to invest into.

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